We started our pet family in 2004. To prevent me from becoming a "pet hoarder" my husband has limited me to only having 4 pets at a time. Yes that is correct 4. Notice I actually have 5! However that is definitely my max as my pets have enough personality for 20 animals.

Pets have very distinct personalties and can bring us great joy.
Some pets have larger personalities than others.

Please take a moment to meet my pets.

bandit coco cats
  1. Butchess
  2. Elmo
  3. Scooter
  4. Coco
  5. Bandit

Butchess 1 Butchess the Darkness a.k.a. Butch

Butch was the first pet we welcomed into our home after we were married. A friend of ours who was a Marine had found "him" as a stray and took "him" in. When our friend was deployed to Afghanistan we said we would take care of Butch. We ended up keeping her and providing her with her forever home. We took Butch to have "him" neutered and learned that lo and behold Butch was a girl. By this point she already responded to the name Butch so instead of renaming her completely we diced to call her Butchess instead. We figured it sounded enough like Dutchess to be considered a girl's name.

Butchess is your typical cat. She wants nothing to do with you unless she initiates it. She is harrassed quite often by her younger kitty brothers. We sometimes call her "The Darkness" because she has the darkest fur out of the three cats and sometimes the looks she gives you are just down right evil looking.

elmo Elmo the Cuteness

About 6 months after we adopted Butchess I convinced my husband to let me adopt a second cat so that Butchess would have a playmate. That is when we adopted Elmo. Butchess was a little rowdy at the time so we knew we didn't want a tiny kitten. Enters the 3 month old Elmo who was anything but tiny. He also had huge paws so we knew he would grow into them and be big.

Elmo is a big lover. He is a petting whore and always wants to be on your lap. He will pet himself on your hands. Also when you give him the really good pettings he drools everywhere.

scooter Scooter the Patooter

When we adopted Scooter he was very silly and would run across the kitchen floor, lose traction and smack right into the cabinets. I used to joke that we should get him a little helmet so he would not hurt himself. Now that he is bigger he has more control over his body. In fact he chases the other two cats around the house all the time and has become a bit of a bully. Scooter was best friends with our dog Sonny who recently passed away. They were so cute together they were like Gilligan and the Skipper.

Scooter is a funny little guy. His body is much bigger than his head. He is definitely my husband's cat and rewards him with tons of kisses daily.

coco Coco the Cockatiel

Coco is a cinnamon cockatiel that we have had since she was 6 weeks old. When I first brought Coco home I was working from home and she was with me almost all day everyday. Now that I work back in the office she is a little bratty when it comes to wanting all of my attention. Other than that she is a really sweet bird. Amazingly the cats do not try to eat her.

Coco has had many "hijinks" in her life. She has been shut in a door, she has flown away around to the strret behind us where she was grounded by a hawk and she has had a cage door slam down on her little foot. I figure if she can survive those things she can survive anything.

bandit Bandit the Masked

Bandit is a 3 year old Manchester Terrier mix that we have had since he was about 9 months old. He is really sweet and sumbissive around people. Bandit is somewhat afraid of new people but warms up quite quickly.

Bandit is somewhat afraid of new people but warms up quite quickly. We get him to the dog park and he runs around with all the big dogs trying to dominate them. I tell him every time he is fixed and no more dominant than any other dog but he doesn't seem to believe. Maybe one day he will stop being a humpin' fool but it doesn't seem like it will stop any time soon.

Bandit is a very smart dog and my little shadow. When we are hanging out in the front yard at home I have him trained not to leave the yard. Some of my neighbors are very impressed by this.

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